Advancing into the most beautiful parts of the Dolomites region 3 Peaks with quiet yet firm steps, observing deer and chasing snow hares. Countless delightful destinations make the hearts of passionate ski tourers and snowshoe hikers beat faster.

Steeply uphill on touring skis
Step by step closer to the summit - enjoying spectacular views - and then skiing downhill in delicious deep powder snow: That is charm of ski tours.

With broad shoes on deep powder snow
In former times our ancestors used snowshoes to check that all was well in the Alpine huts and hay barns. Today, snowshoes are a fashionable and popular winter sport equipment for tours in unspoilt nature.

Breathing winter and feeling the sun
Come on outside! Breathing winter and filling up on sunshine. Walking paths in the sunshine are ideal.

Enjoy the wonderful nature during our guided snow shoe tours!
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