At the Mercato Vecchio in San Candido, today’s location of the ZIN SENFTER Residence, the village butchers Senfter opened for business in 1857.

Under the management of Franz Senfter and his family, the village butchers became an international company selling South Tyrol speck cured ham and other delicious meats and cold meats. The ambassadors for delicious South Tyrolean taste export the unique flavours from the Three Peaks Dolomites region all over the world.

The philosophy of the company and the butchers has remained constant throughout the years:
Senfter stands for authentic taste and quality throughout!

The bond with nature and the commitment to its protection are unbroken, as is the respect of tradition and the commitment to its continuation. The delicacies are still produced with loving dedication according to centuries old, closely guarded family recipes.

You can taste this love of our home country in our products and experience it in the ZIN SENFTER Residence!