The excellence of body products combined with sophisticated massage techniques will enhance deep relaxation and renew energy.

Relax treatment
This technique induces an increased flow of blood to the face, head and neck, releasing a flood of energy. The relaxing of the muscles of the arm and hand completes the treatment. 
50 minutes: € 68,00

Shoulders, neck, head and face will be wonderfully relaxed by a combination of a "triggerpoint treatment" and Swedish massage strokes. Nourishing body wrap of high effectivness. Ending with a relaxing and regenerating massage. 
80 minutes: € 115,00

Delicate peeling of the body to remove dead cells, for the firming and refining of the skin. Thereafter followed by a seaweed wrap on specific zones, this supports detoxification and removes excess fluid and waste. Final care. 
80 minutes: € 115,00

B-Beauty treatment
a deep and unique experience. This revitalizing and well-being treatment will surely make you forget the daily stress and will strengthen you. A cleansing with peeling of the face and body followed by a relaxing massage of the body, head and face, will wipe away the traces of fatigue and stress. The results will give your complexion a radiant beauty and will free your mind.
105 minutes: € 138,00

Your personal treatment
For the care of your body, it is adjusted to your individual needs. Your physical resources are revitalized and you will feel renewed energy. 
50 minutes: € 79,00
75 minutes: € 115,00

Deep pore cleansing to refine the surface of the skin. Conclusive personal care.
45 minutes: € 68,00