For a rigid neck, heavy, tired legs or just the desire to relax the body and mind. A massage can work miracles. The muscles are loosened up and the head is free.

Classic Massage
This massage keeps the body fit, it relaxes tension and stimulates circulation.
25 minutes: € 42,00
50 minutes: € 68,00

Sport Massage
It works in a specific way on deep tension. 
45 minutes: € 68,00

A very relaxing massage. It stimulates the pressure points of the feet, which are connected to the hole organism. This massage improves the lymphatic flux and has a revitalizing effect.
40 minutes: € 60,00

Lymph Drainage
Your entire lymph system will be stimulated to work more efficiently. Increased accumulation of tissue fluid and toxic substances are being removed.
50 minutes: € 68,00

Anticellulite Massage
Improves the lymphatic and blood circulation and removes the toxins. 
50 minutes: € 68,00

Deep Tissue Massage
Through a deep and intensive massage relaxation of persistent contractions are obtained. Thanks to the localized effects the relaxation of the muscles is also treated. 
50 minutes: € 68,00

For deep relaxation and inner balance or natural energy, we apply a massage suitable to your requirements.
75 minutes: € 105,00

The real aromatherapy
One can choose from a vast choice of your favorite essentil oils. You will reach high well-being through a combination of oriental and western massage techniques.
 75 minutes: € 105,00

Candle Spa Massage
Balm for the spirit, body and soul. Thanks to the "karate butter" heated by a cosmetic candle, your skin will become more form and nourished and you will feel a particular sensation of well-being.
50 minutes: € 68,00

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage
This rhythmic soothing massage purifies and loosens the tension in the whole body and harmonizes the spirit.
50 minutes: € 68,00

"Alpine Fit" Massage
The genial combination of a warm "wrap"on your back and a classic massage with alpine grass oil increases the circulation to your muscles and reduces tensions. 
50 minutes: € 68,00

Hot Stone Massage
The warmth of the volcano stones deeply penetrates into your body and stimulates your blood cirulation. The result: spiritual clarity, a feeling of general well-being and a surge of flowing energy throughout your body.
70 minutes: € 105,00