The ZIN SENFTER RESIDENCE has always placed great importance on hygiene and cleanliness.

 Now more than ever!

Breakfast and afternoon snack:  we confirm our breakfast time form 07.30 am to 10.00 am and our afternoon snack from 2pm to 7 pm and are very pleased to invite you to our freshly prepared and tasty buffet as usual. At the buffet, employees and guests are requested to wear their face mask and to sanitize their hands. Upon request we also bring your favourite breakfast to your apartment.

Haunold Spa: Our saunas are open from 3pm until 8 pm and will be sanitized every hour.To access our wellness area, the Green Pass is requested.

Spa-treatments: Our wellness expert Barbara has all treatments and massages on offer, of course with all necessary measures needed to protect you and us


  • Hand sanitizer: You will find hand sanitizer dispenser all over the residence
  • Every area of the residence is cleaned and sanitized following a specific protocol.
  • Surfaces: Our cleaning staff ensures maximum safety by regularly sanitizing all exposed surfaces. 
  • Our wellness area is regularly sanitized
  • Mouth and nose protection: please wear your mouth and nose protection whenever you walk around common areas in our residence/upon meeting other guests.
  • Apartments :Upon arrival you will find your apartment completely sanitized and thoroughly cleaned. Every apartment undergoes ozone sanitizing treatment after each stay.